Our Staff

Our 2019-2020 Sir Arthur Currie Crew

Our Kindergarten Team

Mr. Cunningham and Ms. Rodgers
Mrs. Mor and Mrs. Warecki
Mrs. Serpa and Ms. Aguilar
Mrs. McConnell and Mrs. Greb
Mrs. Pereira and Ms. Day
Mrs. Beadle and Mrs. Paiva
Mrs. Vilon and Miss Batista
Mrs. McCarthy

Our Primary Team

Mrs. Neal
Mrs. Mazariegos
Miss Elliott
Mrs. Vermue
Mrs. Thiesen
Mrs. Grasby

Mrs. Faubert
Miss Danter
Mrs. Rae
Mr. Dubois
Mrs. Usher
Mr. Pope

Our Junior Team

Mr. Austin
Mr. Lynds
Miss Gallo
Mrs. Tyler
Mrs. Blair
Miss Anderson
Mrs. Leeper

Our Intermediate Team

Miss Trifon
Miss Masek
Mrs. Tyrer
Mrs. Fletcher
Mr. deGryp

Speciality Educators

Mrs. Mills
Mr. Jamieson
Miss Spratt
Madame DiCola
Mrs. Fonseca
Ms Jung

Library Learning Commons Educator

Mrs. Cadieux

Learning Support Teachers
Mrs. Palombo
Ms. Porter

Educational Assistants
Mrs. Robb
Mrs. Shelton
Mrs. Morsink
Mrs. Betrand
Mrs. Alam

English as a Second Language Teachers
Mrs. Swinkels
Miss Spratt
Ms. Jung

Speech and Language Pathologist
Mrs. McHenry

Custodial Team
Mrs. Comeau
Mr. Burleigh
Mr. Wright

Administrative Assistants
Mrs. Schinkel
Miss Cleaver

Mr.  Letsos ~ Vice Principal
Mrs. Bruyns ~ Principal