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 The Sir Arthur Currie PS School Council is a group of staff, community partners, and family members that work together to guide the direction of the school, including academic achievement, school budget, parent and student engagement, extracurricular activities, and much more. Membership on School Council is established each September, but meetings are open to all family members with children at the school. If you are interested in attending meetings or helping on a working group, please contact
Sub Committees

School Council has several Sub-Committees that support different priorities at the school. Each group is run by a chair who is responsible for setting up and running meetings. You do not need to be a member of council to be part of a working group. If you are interested in helping, please contact the chair of the working group to volunteer your time!

Fundraising (Chair: Carla Badawi - The purpose of this group is to find new fun ways to raise money for our school and volunteer time to help bring these fundraisers to life. Some of the items we are fundraising for include a naturalized playground, a school sign, instruments for the music program, technology for the classrooms, among many other items!

Parent Involvement (Chair: Sarah Chatham - The purpose of this group is to work together to find new and creative ways to get parents involved in the school community. This involves volunteering in classrooms, having consistent and meaningful conversations between parents and the school, and having parents help support the school and classroom through their skills, experiences, and culture.

School Lunches (Chair: Sarah Tilley - Lunch box orders or hot lunch program is an easy way for families to support school fundraising initiative as well as provide students with quality hot lunch options 2 times each week. Register for Lunch Box at so you get a message when new lunch options become available. No requirement to buy.

School Travel Planning (Chair: Andrew Clark - The purpose of this group is to increase the safety and number of children using active modes of transportation (and school bus when eligible) and decrease the number of students driven to and from school. The current Action Plan can be viewed here (PDF).

Well-Being Strategy (Chair: Christina Green - The purpose of this group is to find ways to make students feel safe and welcome at school, by making sure they have strong relationships and a positive sense of themselves so they can reach their full potential.The focus is four key strategies: equity and inclusive education, safe and accepting schools; healthy schools, and positive mental health.
Sir Arthur Currie By-Laws
Sir Arthur Currie Council By-Laws
 Council Members

SAC School Council 2019-2020

Position Name
Past Chair Brent Potter
Co Chair Amy Stevenson
Co - Chair Andrew Clark
Secretary Jacklyn Varanelli
Treasurer Melissa Young
Community Member Jess Colley
Community Member Stephanie Howard
Staff Member Jessica Blair
Administrator Sue Bruyns
Administrator Frank Letsos
Member at Large Rie Shirakawa
Member at Large Sarah Tilley
Member at Large Sarah Cheatham
Member at Large Anahita Rahimi
Member at Large Cheryl Clark
Member at Large Christina Green
Member at Large Nada Aboshawish
Member at Large Carla Badawi
Member at Large Amanda Sousa
Member at Large Meenu Kanwal
Member at Large Heather Davies


 Meeting Dates ~ All meetings begin at 6:00 in the Library Learning Commons

October 7

November 4

December 2

January 6

February 3

March 2

April 6

May 4

June 1

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